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Daleview Care Center is a Five-Star (★★★★★) Quality Measures rated facility.


"I like the fact that you hired a lot more people. Everyone I have come in contact with are very friendly and informative. My mom is 97 and not doing very well. She has been there 7 years. Ketley is her aide and I could not ask for better. She is the best of the best. She caters to my mom and is always checking on her. I'm there every day but I feel very confident with Ketley and those who are in and out to do IV's and change her wounds.. I'm called if there is any change in her health and I appreciate that.. We started with Indy 7 years ago and she is also very caring.. another girl I'd like to mention is a new girl, Venus. She helped my mom when Ketley was off and I quickly took a liking to her...She's very concerned about the patients, kind and helpful... I believe those who love their job and the patients and people they work with deserve some recognition."

Mrs. BW

"I want to thank you for the great job you and your staff are doing I see an overall improvement of all aspects of service and it’s greatly appreciated. I’ve also spoken to other family members and they feel the same way. God bless you all for all the time, hard work and compassion you give your patients who are so in need of your support. Wishing you and your administration a very happy Easter."

Teresa M.

"My mom has been here for almost 7 years... on the whole, I found the aides to be really friendly and helpful. Everyone says hello to you as you come and go.. I come to help my mom eat lunch. I see it's a lot for the aides to try to feed all those not capable of feeding themselves. So I enjoy coming for my mom. I see the aides relate to the residents with kindness and care and that means a lot.. it takes special people to have that kind of patience. My mom started 7 years ago with Indy. The best of the best snd then she was changed to Denida, another fabulous person and now she has Ketley. I love her . Couldn't have asked for better people to take care of my mom!!! Trying to call on the phones to talk to someone or even reply to a message could be better. All in all Im happy how my mom gets treated and how I see others being treated."

Barbara W.

“I have visited Daleview many times. Every visit I find joy, cooperation, attention to every detail. Patients are addressed with kindness. Patients are treated as if they were family members. Visitors are reminded to follow mask protocol. I feel safe and welcome.”

"The family of Flor Pages would like to thank James Restaine, LaKesha Bartlett, Melissa Prizzi, Judy and Marie Illialary for all their care and concern provided to our mother. Not everyone is cut out for this line of work and we would like to commend your organization for putting together such a group of fine professionals, who have helped my mom transition from independent living. We are blessed to have the excellent care that they are providing. These employees are a credit to the nursing profession and we wish them all the best. They have always responded to her needs, were very comforting to her and took the extra time as needed which made her feel part of the community. They kept us informed when she needed medical care, continually following up with us, which helped to make us feel comfortable that she was being well cared for. Please put a copy of this letter in their file."

E. Henke  

"It isn't often that I feel the need to write a letter regarding the staff. However, I needed to highlight the exemplary care of some of the nurses and aides at Daleview Nursing Home, especially James Restaino R.N., Melissa Prizzi R.N., Lakesha Bartlett R.N. Marie Mallory and Judy (Aides)."

"This team of nurses and aides have provided excellent care to my mom Flor Pages since November 2017. They have gone above and beyond to make sure that she had a good transition into the nursing home and made her feel comfortable. Whether it is providing excellent medical care or just keeping her clean. Her aides have done a wonderful job watching out for her needs and being very compassionate and giving her that special little friendly smile to reassure her that she is safe in a strange surrounding.

The above staff have demonstrated their professionalism and dedication to a very difficult population but a rewarding one. They show that, even though, they are elderly they still matter and aren't thought of as a burden.

I have seen a big rotation or turnover of staff over the past months; however, the consistency of these employees has been such an asset to my mother's well-being.

I am hoping that these employees will receive the recognition they deserve for a job well done, as well as being able to continue to provide care of my mom on a regular basis."

-Mary T

"I was a resident at Daleview for four and half months from October 2016. I was transferred from St. Joseph Medical Center in Bethpage after just coming out of a coma and nearly dying. According to my wife and son were told my team of doctors, I was out there where the buses don't run.

As I started to feel slightly better, I started going to physical and occupational therapy a few times a week, I had to go in order to start to regain my strength and confidence. The therapists both physical and occupational were tough but very caring and every time I wanted to quit; they wouldn't let me. The progress that I made in the 4 months I was there was amazing. I went from having to use a Hoyt. to get out of bed to a wheelchair, to a walker were even though my leg collapse on me a couple of times Rose the Physical therapist would not let me quit. Even though many times when my leg was s collapsed, I would say "F this get me out of here" Rose worked with me in such a way that allowed me to function and make a smooth transition to a cane that I use today only when I'm outside. Taz the occupational therapist brought me along as far as relearning how to dress myself, toilet train myself, so basically, he was working with an infant that was an invalid.

Marnie was my speech therapist who did a great job getting me to talk and chew my food, because I got a Tracheosto- my, operation while I was at St. Joseph Hospital. She gave me different exercises to help strengthen my vocal cords which I master because of my will to get back to normal. Ask Marnie about the 7 inches of snow.

The nurses and nurses aid that wherein the wing where room 305 was located, were tremendous throughout my stay, Trishia and Jackie and all the rest you know who you are I can't think of your names. Enclosing I would like to say that in no way am I a shield for Daleview as it comes from my heart."

Mark Klein

"It is with great humility and appreciation that I write this letter. My mother, Emma is in the final stage of her life and has been under the watchful care and custody of your staff over the last several years. She has gone from the vibrant women that I knew and loved all my life to a shell of herself, no thanks to Alzheimer's. Throughout this journey, your staff has provided the utmost professionalism, dignity and thoughtfulness for my mother as her condition continues to deteriorate.

As a daughter, you can only imagine the constant concern and fear that grips your thoughts while you are not at her side. I can honestly say with full confidence, your staff has always portrayed themselves as true humanitarians and never let her dignity waiver even when there was no dignity to be found. From the maintenance personnel, the ladies at the front desk and most importantly the staff that handled my mother's daily care, everyone spoke to her as a person and not a duty. I can tell you the number of times I witnessed a janitor, aide, nurse or physical therapist just popping in to say hi to my mother, engaging the last remaining mental faculties she may have had.

Recently, we had the opportunity to have her moved to a hospice for her final days. I couldn't move her in good conscious, as I know Daleview is where she would have wanted to spend her final days surrounded by her family and friends.

On behalf of my entire family, thank you for making a most difficult situation slightly less painful and in some capacity, reassuring and calming."

-The H Family

"Just to inform you that my dad Richard passed away on 1-11-2015. Although all he wanted to do was "get home", he (And my family) will always appreciate the wonderful care he received at Daleview.

Special thanks to the social workers, the nursing staff, and the lady distributed his meds, and Deborah. You are wonderful, patient and caring people and you made this 90-year-old WWII war hero very comfortable. I wish I remembered all the names of this terrific staff, but again -Thank You!!"

Much Love – Richard

P.S. Dad did get home of course and we managed a few great days before he departed for what I hope will be many more adventures.

"On behalf of the AHRC Nassau Guardianship Committee, I want to commend the staff taking care of Joanne for their sensitivity, concern and professionalism. As I was her guardian representative for many years, I would visit her at Daleview. She was always taken care of. If I brought up a concern, it was addressed immediately. Joanne was given the dignity and care she deserved till the end of her days. I want to especially commend nurse, Kathy and assistant Edda for the special attention they provided knew she was in good hands with them and that people cared for her."


"All of the staff are wonderful, caring people who helped make my mother Julianne H. as comfortable and friendly as possible. You have achieved a “family feeling” that is so important. I can't thank you enough for taking such good care of her!!"


"I can’t say enough about the wonderful care my dad was given at your facility, from Crystal on day one to Regina and all of the physical therapist.

My family always felt such confidence when leaving for the day he came home stronger than he was prior. We cannot express how grateful we are."


"I want to thank everyone at Daleview for making my mother’s stay there as pleasant and comfortable as possible, and trying to help her get well no matter what you had to do even when she was giving up-you tried hard."

Donna M.

"Dear Linda and staff:

I wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you and your entire staff for the way you treated my mom Theresa (Room 101C) who as you know had been a resident at Daleview for the last year. When we met and discussed having her transferred to Daleview from the other facility she was at, I had explained to you why I was wanting to move her and you had told me how Daleview staff works and how your expectations of your staff were very high.

Well I wanted to let you know that you were right and that your staff did an excellent job in the year or so my mom was there, I never once found her unpresentable or disheveled. She was always dressed, always cleaned etc. in her own way I knew she was happy and content. Our past experience at other facilities was not always that way.

I know the job your nurses and aides and everyone else there do every hour of every day is a very hard demanding job and probably one that does not get the proper recognition that it deserves, but I wanted you to know that on behalf of our family I want to thank you so much for making moms stay there a pleasant one."

"Thank you again and please pass this on to the staff there!

I completed the survey form, attached, but needed to say much say more.

I need to preface my remarks by saying bringing mom to a rehab center was the toughest decision I had to make in my life. Mom begged and pleaded not to be "put away"- I know we

had no choice at this time. Mom was 97 and failing rapidly. She had lived with us for over 16 years since my dad died.

I met Angel La Monica at St. Joseph's Hospital and she is named very appropriately. She saw how distressed I was and guided me through every decision needed to be made. And then

I came me to "look" at Daleview and met Ann Marie at the front desk. The concern and compassion she showed made me know this was the place for Mom. I met Kim, and Anne from Dietary Services. Andrea from Recreation gave my husband and I the "tour." She was so warm and compassionate and she has no idea how much that helped.

The day arrived when Mom would be moved. I cried through the entire ordeal. My heart was breaking. Mom was so scared. We met Jim (it was after 5 pm) who was so reassuring and then we met Jaime who calmed me just by talking with me for a minute or so. We met Sylvia who was her nurse that night and there were so many others who just came over to talk with us and help reassure me. Marnie from Dietary came to speak with me every day to let me know how mom was doing.

The first morning, I was there at the crack of dawn, had not slept and worried all night about Mom. When I got there, the nurses and aides, whose names I forget now, were there feeding mom and caring for her. One day led to another and I met so many warm, compassionate, genuine nurses and aides. The with Physical Therapy Dept. could not have been more caring. Sharon spent a lot of time with me explaining what was going. Along with Sharon, the men in the PT Dept. were angels from heaven. They all knew mom was failing rapidly and yet they continued to help her and to reassure her.

I hope I am not leaving anyone out. Each person I met was wonderful. Just a few days before her death, mom told me how nice the nurses were and asked me to bring her to the dining room downstairs so she could be with "the nice people." They were comforting to her until the end.

Your staff made this very sad situation easier to deal with. I knew mom was in good hands and at least I had that comfort. Mom was there only less than two weeks, but my worst fears were gone. We had done the best for Mom. Thank you and you please thank your staff. Let them know they make a difference in people's lives each and every day."

Jennie D.

"I want to extend my appreciation for the excellent job you have given me at my stay in Daleview Nursing Rehab. Everyone did a terrific job in making me feel very good about my left knee replacement in physical therapy.

A job well done with Jerry & Melody doing physical and occupation therapy and also with their staff. I also extend my great appreciation with the nurses and aids that were very good in taking care of me at my stay from May 2 thru May 18, 2016.

Once again, I extend my best wishes and appreciation to the administration and staff of D.N.R"

Richard P.

P.S. My rating to the Daleview Nursing Rehab Super Excellent.

"Nursing Home? Not for my mom.

Does anyone really want to go into a nursing home? What would happen to you or me or a parent that would cause us to contemplate this question? Here is my story.

I don't know where to start. This letter has a two-fold message. Part of it will explain the reason my mom came to be in a nursing home and the other is the accolades I wish to express toward the facility she is living, for over 3 years. I promised myself that I would write about my mom's experience, in this nursing home, after she passed away. As I said, my mom has been there for over 3 years and it is probably due to the wonderful care she receives. So, I decided to write about this now, instead.

My mom used to say, when she was much younger, that I needed to shoot her before ever going into a nursing home. Well, many years went by and my mom fell 3 times and each time she would go into rehab and then return home, except for the last time. The last fall involved some complications and a longer stay resulting in my mom staying there, on a full-time basis, for her many physical needs. My mom came to terms with it but at the same time I wasn't so sure. My husband and family discussed options. In the long run, the decision to pick a nursing home was our next step.

This is where Daleview comes in. It is located in Farmingdale, on Route 109. My mom's rehab went well at Daleview. Our family stayed on top of the sessions my mom was entitled. Daleview met all her needs. But her care didn't end there. She had other needs which involved doctors, nurses, aides, dieticians, social workers, and even social events. There was no need to look elsewhere. I was working full time when my mom entered this facility. I visited after work and on week- ends. I never had a set schedule. It varied constantly. I make this point because no one there anticipated my visits and put on a show, when I arrived. My mom was always being attended. I would arrive when she was getting scheduled meds, assisted in the shower, being dressed, served lunch or dinner, or playing bingo in the dining hall.

My mom has gone on numerous field trips, including a senior-senior prom at the local high school, plays at nearby locations, and bowling. Every holiday is marked with a party and the whole building is beautifully decorated. Musicians come and play oldies but goodies and all join the sing a-long. I have to say that I have become very to the close, Director of Therapeutic Recreation, Andre Wurthmann. She truly loves her job and does it well. She makes the stay there an absolute delight.

The aids are always professional, patient, and so caring. I have received phone calls, from the nursing Staff, to keep me up to date on any medicine changes or mood swings in my mom. The food is delicious. How do I know this? Often as I am about to leave around meal time, my mom will insist I try something. I have to restrain myself from eating the whole thing. I had a birthday party for my mom once and the kitchen staff was so helpful with supplying a knife I forgot to bring to cut the cake, as well a few other items I forgot. The dining room offers coffee, tea, or juice for visitors. It's nice to enjoy a cup of tea with my mom.

I would like to end by saying that I could never have my mom stay in a place I did not feel 100% comfortable. This entire staff gives me peace of mind that all her needs are attended. Our parents are the most important people in our lives. They took care of us in the good times and the bad. When the roles reverse and it becomes too difficult, to take care of a loved one at home, the burden of that decision weighs heavily, on your heart.  Daleview became an answer to a prayer. I mean this with every fiber in my body. I thank each and every person that cares for my mom and hold you all dear to me.

I would like to enclose a picture of my mom and I working on a puzzle. We have discovered a new and very fun pass time. We work on puzzles now. We frame them, so we can look at what we have accomplished together. She thinks back to a time she and my dad did them together, before they had a TV."

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